Complete Kit

Here is your chance to “make” a great car at a great price! “Kit Car Magazine special” $11,995  $10,995  [$1,000.00 price reduction]

Fiberglass Components:Metal Components:
1 Front Hood (including Metal Inserts)Front End Support Sub frame
1 Front Nose1 Rear End Support Sub frame
1 Headlight Cover (left)1 Rear Support Bracket (Mid Sect)
1 Headlight Cover (right)2 Rear Deck Hinges
1 Front Inside Panel2 Rear Deck Locate Pins
1 Under nose Panel4 Front Headlight Adjusters
1 Passenger Door2 Front Hood Hinges
1 Driver Door2 Front Hood Locate Pins
1 Passenger Rocker Panel4 Door Linkage Rods (set)
1 Driver Rocker Panel4 Corvette Receptacles
1 Mid-Roof Section1 Sheet of Expanded Metal
1 Rear Deck (including Metal Inserts)4 Hood Locate Pin Bushing
2 Carburetor Covers2 Rear Deck Hood Pins
1 Rear Bumper Section2 Rear Deck Hood Pin Springs
1 Rear Shoulder Spoiler2 Rear Deck Locate Pins
1 Rear Inside Panel1 Rear Deck Prop-Up Rod
1 Dash Instrument Pod1 Rear Deck Prop-Up Plate
1 Center ConsoleRemaining Components:
1 Dash Knee PodPassenger Side Window (With Trim)
1 Console Top Insert1 Driver Side Window (With Trim)
1 Nose Bar1 Aldino Front Hood Medallion
1 Left Shoulder Scoop1 Aldino Adhesive Logo (Black or White)
1 Right Shoulder Scoop1 Aldino Construction Manual
Wing & Pedestal Assembly Fasteners4 Front & Rear Hood Lift Pistons
50 TEK #8-18×3/4 Hex Head Screw1 Driver Front Hood Turn Signal Light
20 Extruded Cage Nuts1 Passenger Front Hood Turn Signal Light
50 Hex Screw Nuts (expanded metal)2 Front Amber Side Marker Lights
50 Hex Screws (expanded metal)2 Rear Red Side Marker Lights
20 Hex Head Cap Screw (61x30mm)2 Rear Red Brake & Running Lights
50 Aluminum Pop Rivets2 Rear Amber Turn Signal Lights
2 Door Rod Clips32′ Clip One Weatherstrip
1 Remote Control Rod End Clip (Pass.)30′ Roof Door Window Flat Weatherstrip
1 Remote Control Rod End Clip (Driver)1 Dash Instrument Pod Upholstery
8 Phillip Head Machine Screws (6x1x20)1 Dash Knee Pod Upholstery
20 1/4x20x1″ Bolts1 Console Upholstery
20 1/4″ Nylon Lock Nuts1 Upholstery Foam
20 1/4″ Flat Washers1 Upholstery Glue
4 1/4″ Self Thread Nuts1 Roll Side Glass 2 sided sticky tape
2 5/16″x1 1/2 Bolts1 Sheet of Expanded Metal
2 5/16″x1 3/4″ Bolts5 Electrical Wire (Red-Blue-Yel-Blk-Wht)
2 5/16″x2 3.4″ Bolts32″ Side Wind0w & Expanded Metal Black Trip
2 5/16″x1 1/4″ Bolts2 Rocker Rubber Mats
8 5/16″xNylon Lock Nuts12′ Electrical Flex Tube
32 5/16″ Flat Washers2 Aldino Medallions
8 3/8″x1″ Bolts
4 3/8″x2 3/4 BoltsOptions:
12 3/8″ Nylon Lock NutsOrder a Manual
24 3/8″ Flat Washers
24 Butt Connectors