Joe Palumbo, who originally designed the Cimbria, a Volkswagon based automobile kit, introduced the Aldino K/O in the mid 1980’s.  This new line of cars may have surpassed all of his earlier efforts.

Palumbo introduced his new Aldino K/O in the Auto Buyer with a series of never before seen photos of the fiber fabricated sports car.  According to Auto Buyer Magazine, “the well conceived effort is a car bound to be a collectors delight.”

According to Auto Buyer, “the Aldino K/O is a stunning car, inspired by such cars as the Koenig Ferrari Boxer, as well as the Lamborghini Countach, Testarossa and Corvette.” Originally established in Brookfield Wisconsin, the company began production of its first Aldino K/O on June 1, 1989.

The Aldino K/O had one big advantage, its use of the Fiero chassis.  The Fiero chassis virtually eliminated the problem do-it-yourselfers ran into with not completing their kits.  The Aldino was much easier to assemble than many kits in the past.

Besides being the originator and designer of the Cimbria, an award winning kit car, Palumbo was designer and chief engineer for the Viper 2000, a high performance sports car featured in several national and international magazines.

In 1985, Palumbo also designed the Enterra, a car manufactured in British Columbia and sold throughout Canada and California in 1986; Palumbo penned the Muhammad Ali 3WC Car, the automobile to which the famous world champion boxer was willing to affix his name.

The Aldino K/O is the culmination of over twenty years of design experience, and over the past fifteen years there have been over 640 kits sold.  Richard and Ellen Lichte purchased the molds and manufacturing rights for the design and the Aldino Automobile body panels in August of 2002.  Richard Lichte has over thirty years experience in the automobile field.

Richard worked for the Excalibur Automobile Corporation for over five years and has won numerous awards for his work in Automobile restoration and refinishing.  Richard was in charge of the paint department for the Excalibur Corporation for over five years and has extensive working knowledge and experience in working with fiberglass fabricated automobiles.

Fiber-Tech Incorporated is presently manufacturing all of the fiberglass components.  Fiber-Tech Inc. has established a reputation over the past fifteen years for manufacturing extremely high quality components.  Many Fiber-Tech employees originally worked for the Excalibur Automobile Corporation.  In addition, Dale Rodgers, owner of Fiber-Tech, built the fiberglass components for the original Cimbria back in the mid 1970’s.  One could not find a more quality fiberglass product than those produced by the crew at Fiber-Tech.

The exceptional design and engineering quality for the Aldino K/O is currently being reintroduced, using all of the original molds.  This is a quality kit with a well established, proven track record.  The current owners are knowledgeable and well experienced in the automobile manufacturing trade.

Fortunately for the new Aldino Car Company, Joe Palumbo is currently working closely with the new owners to insure the integrity of the original design.  The components go together easily, and we look forward to continuing the original tradition of the Aldino K/O.  Our mission is to build a quality car at a reasonable price.  Now, anyone can purchase an original Aldino Kit, and find out what all the excitement is all about.