Basic Kit

Here is your chance to “make” a great car at a great price! “Kit Car Magazine special” $9,995 $8,495 [$1,500 price reduction]

Fiberglass Components:Metal Components:
1 Front Hood (including Metal Inserts)1 Front End Support Sub frame
1 Front Nose1 Rear End Support Sub frame
1 Headlight Cover (left)1 Rear Support Bracket (Mid Sect)
1 Headlight Cover (right)2 Rear Deck Hinges
1 Front Inside Panel2 Rear Deck Locate Pins
1 Under nose Panel4 Front Headlight Adjusters
1 Passenger Door2 Front Hood Hinges
1 Driver Door2 Front Hood Locate Pins
1 Passenger Rocker Panel4 Door Linkage Rods (set)
1 Driver Rocker Panel4 Corvette Receptacles
1 Mid-Roof Section1 Sheet of Expanded Metal
1 Rear Deck (including Metal Inserts)4 Hood Locate Pin Bushing
2 Carburetor Covers2 Headlight Retainer Plates
1 Rear Bumper SectionRemaining Components:
1 Rear Shoulder SpoilerPassenger Side Window (With Trim)
1 Rear Inside Panel1 Driver Side Window (With Trim)
1 Nose Bar1 Aldino Front Hood Medallion
1 Left Shoulder Scoop1 Aldino Adhesive Logo (Black or White)
1 Right Shoulder Scoop1 Aldino Construction Manual
Order a Manual
Wing & Pedestal Assembly $850
Dash $850