This car attracts attention, and it has everything.

After extensive research, and a love affair with many beautiful cars, we are proud to re-introduce the Aldino K/O body package for any year Pontiac Fiero donor car.

Now, the tradition continues with the new owners of the Aldino Car Company.  We have over thirty years experience in automobile building and restoration, including a five-year association with building the Excalibur Automobile.

The Aldino Car Company has been inspired by such other cars as the Muira, Countache, and Testarossa, and has designed its own version of such cars.  The lines have been changed to accommodate the Fiero chassis, but the spirit and excitement are all there!

This car attracts attention, and it has everything.  It has flowing, sculptured lines, proportionate dimensions, cozy, comfortable interiors, reliability, and easy entry and exit.  The only thing that’s really missing is the outrageous price and high maintenance requirements associated with originals.  With the availability of the inexpensive Fiero chassis, the overall investment is affordable to anyone.

Originally designed by Joe Polumbo, designer of the Cimbria Kit car, the Aldino has a 15-year history of over 600 satisfied customers.

The Aldino construction plans cover all phases of preparation and assembly, and represent an excellent approach in providing our components to your Fiero. The result; a unique, stylish automobile which (depending on your basic mechanical knowledge) you can easily assemble in 70 to 150 hours.

You will find that building your own personal sports car of this caliber to be both personally and financially rewarding.  Your craftsmanship and ingenuity, combined with the Aldino styling and engineering, will produce a sports car that is truly one of a kind with European lines that will be in style well into the future.  Admirers will honestly believe that the Aldino is an expensive European sports car.  Only you will know how little it really cost.

Currently, the Aldino is being re-introduced at 1997 prices.  For a $3,500.00 down payment we will build one especially for you.

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Completed cars are also available with prices starting at $35,995.00.